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Export Data Labels to the YOLO format
YOLO - a real-time object detection algorithm. Only Rectangles and Polygons can be exported to this format. This exports the annotated data in the YOLO Darknet format.
The exported data includes:
  • train.txt - list of image filenames for training model
  • test.txt - list of image filenames for testing model
  • validation.txt - list of image filenames for validating model
  • obj.names - names of the classes that were used when annotating images. Example:
  • - configuration options for training. Example:
classes = 2
train = data/train.txt
valid = data/validation.txt
names = data/obj.names
backup = backup/
  • /img directory containing image files as well as corresponding.txt files with bounding box annotations for each image, one per line.
The annotation format is as follows:
<object-class> <x_center> <y_center> <width> <height>
<object-class> - zero-based index representing the class in obj.names from 0 to (classes-1).
<x_center> <y_center> <width> <height> - float values relative to width and height of image. It can be in the range (0.0 to 1.0]
<x_center> = <absolute_x> / <image_width>
<height> = <absolute_height> / <image_height>
Note: <x_center> <y_center> - represent the center of the bounding box
image_filename.txt example:
0 0.374269 0.590625 0.220904 0.222005
1 0.376667 0.587905 0.193333 0.210723
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