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On-Demand Web Application Shutdown FAQs

What is changing?
On February 28, we began notifying users that we are discontinuing the public On-Demand Saas version of our computer vision web application at Accordingly, we've made it free to export your labeled datasets. You will find more details about the changes below.
When will the platform be discontinued?
On May 31, 2023 at 11:59 PM PST, user accounts will be turned off and supporting services will be spun down.
Will I still be able to access the On-Demand platform via the web application?
Users in existing account organizations can login and use the application as usual until May 31, 2023 at 11:59 PM PDT. All of the application features will be available for use until that time, except new user registrations in new organizations. Users with permission to add new members to existing organizations can continue to do so until the shutdown date.
Will I still be charged for usage until the shutdown date?
Yes, users will incur normal charges according to Plainsight's pay-as-you-go pricing. However, we are making it FREE to Export labeled datasets until the shutdown date.
What will happen to my data?
We handle data according to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for the On-Demand application. Until May 31, 2023 at 11:59 PM Pacific, you can access your data by logging into the application. We recommend that you export datasets and take note of training settings and hyperparameters for model re-training. Click here for step by step instructions on how to export your datasets. Upon the shutdown date, we will begin decommissioning services and your data will be unrecoverable.
How do I export my models or pipelines?
Plainsight custom models and pipelines can only be run on Plainsight's platform and tools, so we don't offer an export function for them. If you have continuing needs for your Plainsight models and pipelines, contact us at [email protected] to discuss a private deployment. You can also retrain similar models externally, so consider exporting your data in a transferable format such as Yolo or COCO.

How do dataset exports work?

Depending on your dataset size and export options, the export process can take awhile. After you start an export, you can leave the app if you'd like. When the export is done, you will receive an email at your login email address, and a notification in the app if you're still logged in.
The email and notification will contain signed URL download link(s) to your dataset file(s). These links are good for 7 days. Click here for step by step instructions on how to export your datasets.

What if I export a dataset, but need to download the exported file(s) after the shutdown date?

Export download links will remain functional for seven (7) days after they are created, regardless of the shutdown date. Exporting your data the day before shutdown means the download link will work until six days post-sunset.
How can I continue to use Plainsight tools after the shutdown date?
Please reach out to our sales team at [email protected] to learn about private platform deployments.
Why are you discontinuing the public Plainsight On-Demand app?
We launched the Plainsight On-Demand SaaS platform via our web application to make it easier for anyone to repeatedly build computer vision models that work in the real world.
It's readily apparent that AI and computer vision technologies are evolving quickly. This is great news for all of us, but necessitates a change of focus. The needs of Plainsight enterprise customers are accelerating and the high-resource, high-intensity nature of our work with them requires dedication to the enterprise version of our vision AI platform for Plainsight-built and managed solutions and services.
Plainsight will continue to provide end-to-end vision AI solutions to enterprises across industries. If you have larger-scale computer vision projects and would like us to manage your models or pipelines after May 31, 2023, we’d love to discuss your needs. Please reach out to our sales team [email protected] to learn more about our comprehensive enterprise computer vision offerings.
How can I learn about Plainsight news and future product announcements?
Please follow our social media channels for future announcements.