Labeling Your Images

How to annotate your images

Labeling Images

Once label definitions have been created they can be used to annotate images within the dataset.

  1. Navigate to the "Labeler" tab.

  2. Select the label you want to apply to the image from the panel on the left.

  3. Use the label on the images.

  4. Click "Submit" to apply the labels to the image.

Image Navigation

Filter by Status

The labeler categorizes the images into their current status: All Images, Pending, Skipped, Rejected, Submitted, and Approved.

  • All Images - all images in the dataset

  • Pending - images that have not yet been labeled

  • Skipped - images that were marked Skipped

  • Rejected - images that were marked Rejected

  • Submitted - images that have been submitted

  • Approved - images that were marked Approved

You can switch to the filter you want by selecting the drop-down from the bottom left of the Labeler. You can also filter the list of images in the Review tab.

Next and Previous

  • Click the left arrow to move to next image.

  • Click right arrow to move to the previous image.

Jumping to an Image

  1. Click the number in just before the left navigation arrow.

  2. Type number of the desired image within the filter.

Labeler loads the selected image.

If image has an un-submitted label change, a prompt to "Discard Changes" or "Save & Submit" will appear.

Adjust Labels

You can adjust the positioning of Bounding Box labels that you've drawn.

  1. If label from panel is selected, press "ESC" or click on it to deselect

  2. Click on label applied to image

  3. Label can now be adjusted

  4. Click "Submit" button

Remove labels

Remove individual labels

  1. Select label by clicking on it

  2. press "DEL", "Backspace" key, or click the "Delete Label" button

  3. Click "Submit" button

Remove all labels in a single image

  1. Click the "Clear All" Button

  2. Click "Submit" button