Review Labels
Each labeling project provides a workflow for reviewers via the "Review" tab. This section gives an overview of images labeled, allowing reviewers to approve or reject images to ensure quality labeling.
Clicking on a thumbnail will take you to the image in the Labeler. From there you can approve or reject a submitted image from the Labeler, or perform actions in bulk using the Review tab.
The table contains:
  • Data Source
  • Status
  • Comments
  • Time Taken
  • Submitted on
  • Actions
    • View JSON - the JSON representing this label
  • (Bulk) Actions - displays when an item's checkbox is selected
    • Skip, Approve, Reject
You can filter the table by:
  • Ready for Review - images that have been submitted and need reviewing
  • Pending - images that have not been labeled or skipped
  • Skipped - images that were marked with "Skip"
  • Approved - images that were marked with "Approve"
  • Rejected - images that were marked with "Reject"
You can also paginate through the pages using the arrows the bottom right and select the number of rows per page.

Approving and Rejecting Labels

Checkbox next to the image on the labeler, select the Actions drop-down at the top, and select Approve, Reject, or Skip.
Approving/rejecting images from the Review tab
You can also approve labels from the Labeler view. Navigate to an image marked "Submitted" and you will see "Reject" and "Approve" options.
Approving/rejecting images from the Labeler
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