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Installation Guide

Installing the Plainsight Application

1) Start by creating a new Google Cloud project that will be used to deploy the application.
Read more about creating projects in Google Cloud:
2) A deployment will automatically be provisioned for your new subscription. Click the "Install" button configure the deployment. See Deployment Configuration for details on the fields in this section.
3) Click the “Deploy Plainsight” button to start the installation process. This process takes about 30 minutes to complete. During this time the deployment will be in a running state.
Once the installation is complete the deployment will show an “Installed” status.
You'll now be ready to configure your DNS for the application.

DNS Configuration

At this point the cluster is now set up in your project and you can continue to configure the DNS for the Plainsight client and API servers. After the deployment succeeds, you will need to locate the IP address of the external load balancer configured for your cluster. plainsight.<domain> (Application URL) plainsight-api.<domain> (API URL)
For example:

Deployment Configuration

After clicking the "Install" button in Step 2, you will need to configure the deployment with your own details.
Deployment Configuration setup screen

GCP Project (Cluster)

Project ID
The ID of the new project in GCP that will be used to deploy the Plainsight cluster
The cluster region
The cluster zone
In future iterations, the service will be able to suggest available projects, regions, and zones.

Domain Configuration

Domain Name
The fully qualified domain name to be used for the application

Application Credentials Setup

The email address used for the default admin user
An admin user will be provisioned during the install process. The password will default to @Dm1n32145!

Email SMTP Settings

SMTP Hostname
SMTP Port (25 is not supported)
SMTP Username
SMTP Password * The password is only used to configure the deployment in your specified environment. It is not saved by the Plainsight deployment service.
Send-From Email
Email address used for sending outgoing email

Changing the Admin Password

Using your application URL, login with the user name (admin email used during installation) and the default password provided.
  1. 1.
    Go to “Settings” by clicking on your user name in the lower left corner.
  2. 2.
    You can update your password in the “Password” Section.
See Changing Your Password for more information.
You can also use the "Forgot Password" link at the sign-in screen to reset your password.